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Starting Your Journey

Every journey begins with a first step...

Very often, moving to pursue your career in a different country means that for a while, you are adjusting your priorities and putting yourself and your career on top of everything.

For a lot of us, this means being far from your family, and far from all human connections you worked all your life creating. It means you’re moving somewhere new, and starting from scratch; often in a different language than the one you grew up speaking.

Being an immigrant means hoping and dreaming, and believing that the universe is on your side and everything will work out. It’s going to school without the tuition money for second year, because your home country won’t give you a loan to leave, and the new country doesn’t give loans to foreigners. But it’s also knowing that you will figure it out when the time comes. And then you do. You figure it out and you graduate against all odds.

Being an immigrant means putting all your energy, time and money, into an application for a working visa, that sometimes will be declined just because the immigration officer was having a bad day. It means going all-in, do-or-die on the visa, planning for three years ahead, telling yourself there is no other option; and be aware that you might still have to buy a one-way ticket home.

And the greatest thing about being an Alien Artist, is that you have so much more at stake. It means you will work harder than everyone else, you will study more than everyone else, and you will succeed. Because there is no other option. Because you put your whole life on the line when you decided to take the step and move. So this is it: without wining about it, without complaining (too much) about how hard or how expensive it is, you just kick ass

Because no one made you come here. 

You chose this.

And you need to wake up every day, and choose it again.


Getting Assistance

This is not an easy journey.

The Alliance of Alien Artists was created to help and make it easier for fellow Alien Artists, in any stage of the process.

If you have specific questions or would like more personal assistance, feel free to reach out to us.